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Poesie und Musik

Duo with poet Angélica Freitas in performances that combine poetry and music, the artists address issues such as women, childhood, politics and overconsumption.


Duo with visual artist Cecilia Lucchesi, VERSOM explores possible dialogues between sound and image.

juliana perdigão: voice, music       
cecilia lucchesi: video

juliana Perdigão: flute    
cecilia Lucchesi: video

juliana perdigão - voice, clarinet, bass clarinet
kiko dinucci - electric guitar
cecilia lucchesi - video

VERSOM on action at Marginalia Lab recidency program - 2012


SÜDWÄRTS is on the way to the south, towards the south hemisphere. Join us on this mission. The crew is formed by the pilot Igntx B: samplers and electronic drums, Pedro Strelkow: bass and synth will make sure you will have fasten your seat belt and Yuliana Perdigow: bass clarinet, fute and clarinet will be flying you to the next aircraft. Triple trouble sudakas airlines flight will depart from Berlin. 

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