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Juliana Perdigão is a singer, composer and clarinet, flute and bass clarinet player. She works in music since 1997 in collaboration with various groups and artists, including Tom Zé, Jards Macalé, Nuno Ramos, Angélica Freitas, Negro Leo, Metá Metá, Graveola e o Lixo Polifônico, Virgínia Rodrigues, Clima, Rodrigo Campos, Tulipa Ruiz, Romulo Fróes, Ná Ozzetti and Ava Rocha.

In 2011, Juliana released her first solo album, "Álbum Desconhecido" (YBmusic / Natura Musical). Her debut repertoire was formed by unpublished songs written especially for Juliana by some of the most active composers in the contemporary popular music scene in that period. Featuring in the album as special guests were Benjamim Taubkin and André Abujamra.

In 2013, she dedicated herself to acting full-time at Teatro Oficina, in São Paulo, first as a musician and then as an actress. After three years of intense work in the theater she returns to the studio to work on her second album, "Ó" (2016), (YBmusic / Natura Musical).

Produced by Juliana in partnership with Romulo Fróes "Ó" is a record of a somewhat noisy and vertiginous sound, a reflection of the artist's research in company with the band Os Kurva. The album includes, besides songs by Kristoff Silva, Negro Leo, Clima, Kiko Dinucci, Ava Rocha and LG Lopes, Perdigão's own compositions. In the live performances of this album, she added the electric guitar to the range of instruments she plays on stage. Tulipa Ruiz and Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa participate in the album. The release show "Ó" took place at the 32th Bienal de São Paulo, invited by Jochen Volz with the participation of Zé Celso.

Her third solo album, "Folhuda" (2019), is composed entirely of songs by Juliana, all composed from poems written by Brazilian poets such as Oswald de Andrade, Murilo Mendes, Paulo Leminski and contemporaries Arnaldo Antunes and Angélica Freitas. Folhuda was made in partnership between Red Bull Studio SP and Selo Circus and was produced by Juliana Perdigão and Thiago França. The album features Arnaldo Antunes and Lucas Santtana. 

In 2020 she releases "Dúvidas" (Ybmusic) a 13-minute medium length record where Juliana presents texts of her own authorship in dialogue with the sound material emerging from an instrumental improvisation session with Juliana Perdigão (text, speech, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute), Thomas Harres (drums, percussion), Fabio Sameshima, (bass and sraj), Dudu Tsuda (moog, rhodes, metal plates) and Mauricio Tagliari (guitar), Thiago França (sax, flute). Spoken word presented in short texts, questions, chain of actions, disconnected scenes that oppose each other without having any relation between them. 

She is currently living in Berlin, Germany.

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