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In 2014 Juliana worked in collaboration with Argentinian dancer and choreographer Pablo Burset in the multidisciplinary project "Puente (Buenos Aires-San Pablo)" .

This work is the result of the International Choreographic Residencies organized by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina) and the Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (Brazil). During one month, Juliana and Pablo worked together to develop RUMBO, a performance where they experimented expressive connections between movement and sound.


A cycle of seven choreographies by choreographer Daniel Kairoz dedicated to the days of the week.

ARA MAINO'ī is composed of 8 Choreographic Offerings that can be watched separately, with a total duration of 16 hours, dedicated to Wednesday and to the gods who choreograph and rule this day, especially the god Hermes. A work that concretizes the magical and ritual sense for the act of dancing in accordance with the cosmopolitical force of the Chorus.


In act seven dancers and four musicians dance in different spaces of the city center, counterpointing the diverse forms and manifestations of the god Hermes.

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